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Dept of Biology & Biochemistry


Tel: +44 (0) 1225 386410


Current Lab Members

Graduate Students

  • Pradeepiak Saputhathri
  • Lihua Zhang


  • Professor Steve Neill, UWE, Bristol
  • Dr John Hancock, UWE, Bristol
  • Dr Radhika Desikan, UWE, Bristol
  • Professor Nick Smirnoff, University of Exeter

Dr Richard Hooley


Current Research

Plant growth is subject to regulation by a developmental programme that can be modified by environmental cues acting through endogenous signalling molecules that include plant hormones. The research of my group seeks to identify and functionally characterise genes involved in the perception and signalling of these molecules. Current projects include:

  • Determining the function of G protein signalling pathway components
  • Investigating the role of proteasome components in hormone and light signalling


To enhance understanding of the molecular basis of signal transduction in plants and to exploit this information to improve crop quality and productivity.


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