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Dr Vasanta Subramanian


Memberships of Professional Bodies

Biochemical Society, BSDB, HUGO, AWISE, Anatomical Society, Indian Society of Cell Biology (Life member)

Current Funding

  • Medical Research Council UK- Polycomb Genes and Stem cells
  • Wellcome Trust - Zebrafish Models for Motor Neuron disease
  • Motor Neurone Disease Association - Mouse models for ALS
  • Department of Science Technology, India - collaborative grant for stem cell workshops under the CP-STIO program


We are involved in a number of collaborative studies both within UK and abroad:

  • Structure function studies on Angiogenic molecules and DNA binding proteins - Professor K.R. Acharya, Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath.
  • Comparative genomics and complementary studies on Zebrafish models - Dr Greg Elgar, Reader QMW, London and Dr Anand Chandrasekhar, Assoc Professor, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA.
  • Stem cells and bowel reconstruction- Dr Karen Edler, Chemistry, University of Bath, UK and Dr Anwar Jardine, University of Capetown, South Africa.
  • Polycomb genes and Development- Professor H Von Melchener, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Fragile X sites and mouse models- Professor N Moschonas, University of Patras, Dr G Chalepakis, University of Crete and Dr Lilika Sarafidou
  • Polycomb and Trithorax genes and Flaviviruses - Professor S Vijaya, Indian Institute of Science

Current Research Interests

Multi-cellular organisms including mammals begin life as a single cell, the fertilized egg, which undergoes a series of changes to give rise to the complex adult organism. This includes growth, division, cell migration and morphogenesis. These events are highly regulated and organised both spatially and temporally. We are attempting to understand the molecular basis underlying these events in murine organogenesis. There are three major areas of research in my laboratory:

  • Stem cells and the molecular and cellular basis for the co-ordinated regulation of proliferation, cell differentiation and patterning in the intestinal epithelium
  • The Role of the Cdx, polycomb and trithorax group of genes in the regulation of axial skeletal and nervous system development
  • Angiogenins and cytotoxic RNAses in Disease and in health


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