Department of Biology & Biochemistry



The Department of Biology and Biochemistry has a long history of successful collaborations with industrial partners, funded through joint grants and CASE studentships.

For more information please contact the Head of Department or relevant member of academic staff.

Industrial collaborations


TMO Renewables


Professor David Leak and Professor Michael Danson collaborate with TMO Renewables on metabolic engineering for bioethanol generation.


Syntaxin Ltd


Professor Ravi Acharya and Syntaxin Ltd are collaborating on the structures of a new class of molecules for treating secretion disorders.


GSK Biologicals


Dr Andrew Preston is collaborating with GSK Biologicals on manufacturing of whooping cough vaccines.



GeneSys Ltd



Professor Michael Danson is collaborating with GeneSys Ltd on the discovery and engineering of new DNA polymerases for isothermal DNA amplification technology.



FELDA/FAASSB, Sime Darby; Sumatra Biosciences; AAR


Dr Richard Cooper is collaborating with several South East Asian companies in an effort to understand and control the major fungal disease of oil palm: Ganoderma basal stem rot.





Dr Paul Whitley and Dr Andrew Chalmers supervise a Ph.D student funded by UCB working on receptor trafficking with the aim of improving antibody based therapeutics.



Astra Zeneca, UCB and Roche


Professor David Tosh is part of the SC4SM consortium and aims to generate hepatocytes from stem cells for drug toxicity testing.




Dr Andrew Chalmers is working with CiteAb to develop a new antibody search engine.



Student placements


We place many students in commercial organisations. For information contact, Helen Edwards or visit our placement page.


If you would like to find out more about the research our Department is currently involved in, please visit our reseach pages.