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About the Computing Services website

This web site was developed through 2007 and takes a three level approach to the providing information .The web site is subdivided as follows:

Finding what you want

From our homepage there are four main ways you can search for and find information in our website.

Understanding the main menu

The computing Services website has over 1000 pages and knowing what to look for and where, can be difficult. Here is a guide to our Main Menu headings and what you will expect to find in the Left hand Navigation when you click on them.

Home - This sections will display all the information about Computing Services from our organisation chart to our policy's and guidelines.

Tools - This section lists the tools we make available to help you work or study. Here you will find information about, new account access, software, web tools and antivirus information.

Help - This section gives you information about help that we provide, this varies from documentation for our services to online forms to fill out if you need help.

Services - This section links to information on all the services we offer from IT training to what you can purchase in the Campus Computer Shop.

Email - This section gives all the information you need to set up and use email as well as safeguard yourself against spam.

Networking - This section gives you information on how to access our services while at the university from wireless internet access to working from home.

Your computer - This section gives you information on your computer about access to file storage mapping drives and printers and access to your account manager where you can see your used and remaining file storage space and your recent support requests.

Your account - This section gives information about who can have an account and how to get access to personal web space.