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Connecting to printers

We have instructions for staff and students who want to print to the managed print service from their personally owned PC and Mac.

Your staff computer will be set up to print.  The University uses a managed print service


Users no longer need to map drives to manage their files, instead we have instructions for using files.bathStaff and students can use files.bath to access and share files from their H: and X: drives.


Mapping drives

'Mapping a drive' is when you connect your PC to a folder on the University server. Once mapped the files are visible in windows explorer as if they were actually on your remote/home PC.

Mapping drives inside the University

These instructions generally apply to 'normal' staff PCs (not Mac or Linux). In many cases the drives and printers you need will have already been set up by your IT supporter.

Computers connected from ResNet or Docking are also considered 'on-campus'. If prompted for a username and password use campus\username and your Computing Services password.

Mapping drives

You can map drives in a number of ways:

Windows 8 in 'My Computer'
Windows 7 in 'My Computer' (should also work for Vista)
Mac OS X using Connect to Server


What are the University drives?

Drive letter Path (Folder) Description




or if you set your network connection to see University of Bath servers you can simply use:



Your personal filestore




or if you set your network connection to see University of Bath servers you can simply use:



General University drive

*Please note: if you wish to connect to the X drive on a Mac or Linux machine the above paths won't work. Instead, please contact your IT supporter for the path to the folder you want to access.

Troubleshooting: When mapping drives from Eduroam, you may see the error 'Location not found' when attempting to access folders you normally have access to. This occurs because your machine isn't fully configured to reach University of Bath network resources. To resolve this, you can either connect to the VPN service which will give your machine the necessary settings, or reconfigure your network connection to add the required settings.

When mapping drives from Docking or ResNet, if you see the error 'Location not found' when attempting to access a directory, as above you may need to reconfigure your network connection with some additional settings.

You may also have access to other shared drives for a specific department or project you can map

Mapping from outside University network(Other networks)

Please note: Docking, eduroam (at University of Bath sites) and ResNet are inside the University network there is no need to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) for access.

IMPORTANT: To connect from home you need to set your home computer to see the University servers (only done the first time you connect):

Instructions to set up your home computer

Windows 8
Windows 7