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Connecting to ResNet


Before you start

Please note: ResNet is inside the University network; there is no need to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) for access.

Go through the following checklist to make sure you have everything you need to be able to connect to the internet from University accommodation:

You can buy both the Ethernet card and cable in the campus computer shop located on Level 2 in the library.


Register and then start using ResNet

In the majority of cases you will not need special set up instructions as ResNet connection is automatic after registration.

We do provide further information for Linux and some games consoles too.

You will be unable to connect to ResNet if you are using an unsupported operating system.  Examples include:

If you have problems using ResNet please contact us.

The device you are connecting does not have a web browser - you need to contact us with the MAC address of the device before you can use ResNet

The most common devices you will use this method for are games consoles with no web browser (eg Xbox 360) and network switches so you can connect many devices using one socket.

Email resnet@bath.ac.uk with your MAC address.

Find the MAC address of your Xbox 360

  1. Go to System area of the Xbox
  2. Go to Network Settings
  3. Go to Edit Settings
  4. Under Additional Settings, go to Advanced Settings
  5. Note down the Wired MAC Address

Find the MAC address of your network switch

In most cases there will be on the sticker on the back of the switch.

If you buy your network switch from the campus computer shop in the Library you can call immediately at the Help Desk and they will register your network switch while you wait.

What you cannot connect to ResNet

Do not connect a router to ResNet.


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