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Emails into University from Hotmail may get rejected 19 March 2010

19 March 2010

Some emails that are sent to the University from Hotmail accounts may be rejected by our Email servers as some of Hotmail's servers have been black listed on a well known spammers list.

To block spam BUCS use a spam list called RBL (Real-time Blockable List) that is also valued and used by many other Universities. This list service has recently placed some of Hotmail's servers on its black list. Hotmail have not yet taken action to remove themselves from these blacklists and until they do the University will automatically block any email directed from these servers.

*Please note* this does not affect the sending of emails to Hotmail accounts, and as not all Hotmail servers have been blocked some emails will still get through.

If you send an email from a Hotmail account to the University and it does not reach its destination you can try sending again, as it may be directed through a different Hotmail server that has not been blocked.

We are communicating with the people who provide these RBL lists and we will inform you if there is any change.

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