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Update to Sophos 10 before May 2014

Wed Apr 23 11:29:00 BST 2014

If you are using Sophos 9.7 (or a previous version) update to Sophos 10 before May 2014.  Check your Windows computers & laptops to find out whether you need to take action. 

All campus managed computers were upgraded to Sophos 10 before Christmas 2013, however, can you check your own computers and laptops.  Anti-virus software, Sophos 9.7, has been downloaded over 2,000 times from our secure downloads area.  We are very happy that people are using this service, however it is important that you update to Sophos 10 now that Sophos are retiring version 9.7, Wednesday 30 April 2014.  Take action to protect your machine(s) from online threats, emails and infected files.

Check to see which Sophos version you are using on your personal Windows machines

  1. Select Windows Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features
  2. Scroll down to Sophos Anti-Virus and view Version.
  3. If version is 9.7 or previous, you can download Sophos 10 to your personal equipment.

You will find two versions for home use in the secure downloads area (select Available Downloads, Sophos Anti-Virus).  There is a user instruction pdf document available from the area.

Sophos for University Owned Laptops

If you use or are responsible for a University purchased laptop and are unable to upgrade the machine yourself, please contact your departmental IT support staff via the helpform who will be able to assist.

Sophos for Mac

Sophos 10 is not yet available for Mac devices.  Earlier versions of Sophos anti-virus for Mac Home Edition are available.

Sophos on Campus

We updated all centrally managed campus PCs with Sophos 10 to ensure continued anti-virus protection for users and technical support.

Further Assistance or Advice

Further assistance is available from the Computing Services Help Desk in the Library or through the helpform.

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