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New IT service UniApps, November 2013

Tue Nov 19 13:26:00 GMT 2013

UniApps is our new IT service that makes it easy for you to connect to University software, printers and your files. 

Use UniApps from any location with internet access.  It is secure and makes it easy for you to work on popular University supplied software, connect to your University printers and access your files from the H: and X: drives.

There are two ways to access UniApps:

internet explorer image - Windows devices use Internet Explorer (IE)

image of the microsoft remote desktop icon  - Apple and Android devices use the free Microsoft remote desktop app

Find out more about UniApps

Ways that UniApps can help you work from your own device

Best way of using UniApps

Initial testing of UniApps has shown that it helps our customers in different ways:

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