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What are Access Grid Nodes?

Access Grid Nodes allow people to communicate through visual images and sound exchanged between different computers at different locations.

Access Grid (AG) in simple terms is an advanced videoconferencing application that uses audio and video tools allowing people in different locations worldwide to meet in a virtual venue (virtual meeting room).

In these virtual venues participants can see and speak to each other in realtime, use online chat and share applications simultaneously.

How many people can attend?

As an application AG is ideal for any size of meeting due to its scalability. At its most basic it can run on a laptop with webcam using the laptop's display and webcam microphone for a one-to-one meeting or it can be used in a conference room with a server, several high specification cameras and large display boards to create a group-to-group meeting with participants from across the globe.

How do I book a AGN room?

For booking enquiries or for more information please email agn@bath.ac.uk.

Where can I use the access grid nodes?

Within the University there are 4 Access grids. They are located in 3 West and 8 East and supported by the AV department. If you would like to book an Access Grid or for more infomation please email agn@bath.ac.uk or call Ext 4298

Map of AG locations on campus


Photos of AGN rooms

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