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Check out the new Self Access Rooms "How To" videos and PDFs created to assist you in the use of the self access room you have booked.

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Audio Visual Staff and Contact Details

Rob Hyde (Service Manager AV) Ext. 5399
Simon Hillier (AV Support Manager) Ext 4188
Sacha Goodwin (AV Support Manager) Ext 6308
Cher Hulin (Administrator) Ext 4298
Emily Owen (AV Supporter)
Chris Burton (AV Supporter)
Ben Pickett (AV Supporter)
Micheal Elder (AV Support Technician)
Alan Harris (AV Support Technician)
Mel Carrol (AV Support Technician)
Simon Wharf (AV Support Technician)
Graham Ryan (IT Supporter)
Anthony Gallagher (AV Supporter - AGN)
Mary Ball (IT Support Technician)

Technicians are available between 07.30 and 22.00 Monday to Thursday. 07.30 and 21.50 Friday during semester time. These hours may be slightly reduced out of semester.

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