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Lecture Capture (Re:View)

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What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture Capture refers to a set of technologies that allow recordings of presentations to be captured with minimal effort from the user and relay those recordings automatically to a given audience. The University has a lecture capture service called Re:View. Content that has been recorded using this system can be viewed at the website http://uniofbath.cloud.panopto.eu

E-learning have produced a guide called Introducing Panopto PDF

Why would you want to use it?

  1. Previously recording lectures would involve filming the screen and presenter with a camcorder which is time consuming and requires special equipment and often resulted in a poor quality videos. 
  2. Users are increasingly demanding that videos and audio are available on electronic mediums. Lecture capture technology allows the simultaneous recording of audio, video, powerpoint and screen capture, and allows that content to be viewed on the web, and mobile devicess.
  3. Lecture capture enhances instructional activities, it works especially well in subject areas where students benefit from repeated viewing of content, especially when complex items are being discussed.

The e-learning team have also authored a paper which outlines the merits of lecture capture: Five Reasons to Capture your practicePDF

How can recordings be viewed?

Can it be integrated with Moodle?

Yes, any lectures related to a Moodle course can be automatically added to the module and the presentations are restricted to the students registered to it. For all standard teaching courses that are only for student viewing this is now a requirement. Further details can be found on the Moodle Support Hub WIKI.

Can it be used for Distance Learning?

As recordings are automatically made available via the web, these can be made to be available anywhere in the world at any time, useful for Distance Learning courses.

Do you need permission to record?

Yes this is very important - any recording of lecture content is subject to copyright. You need to ensure that you have express permission of the participants of the lecture and that any content you include in the recording is cleared for copyright. We recommend that you ensure that all permissions have been granted and copyright has been cleared before you make the booking request if possible. For recordings that are to be viewed by the general public this permission must be in writing - please use the forms here.

How can you record using Lecture Capture?

Recordings can be made in two ways:

  1. By using a Lecture Capture enabled teaching room

    Equipment has been installed in most of the general teaching rooms and lecture theatres to allow recordings to be made automatically. The user can book recordings to be scheduled using the Lecture capture request booking form and the recording of the lecture happens automatically and unobtrusively to the presenter.

    See here for a list of Lecture Capture enabled rooms. See below on how to schedule lectures to be recorded.
  2. By downloading the recorder to your own PC or Mac

    You can download a recording application onto your own (or departmental) computer or laptop and record your presentation using off the shelf microphones, cameras or webcams connected to it. The user can control what is recorded, can pause or resume recordings and manage how and how it is distributed. See below on how to record your own presentations.

How do you schedule lectures to be recorded in teaching rooms?

Follow this checklist:

1. First check that the room is Lecture Capture enabled

. Ensure you have prepared your Moodle course for Re:View

3. Complete the Lecture capture request booking form

4. Once the booking is confirmed, ensure that all presenters follow the guidance on presenting for lecture capture in teaching rooms

Please note if this guidance is not followed the recordings may be unusable.

How do you use the recorder application on my own computer?

Follow this checklist:

1. If you have rights to install your own software, install either the PC Recorder or Mac Recorder application. For installation on university Staff PCs, managed under  Active Directory, please contact the Service Desk using the BUCS online help form.

. Ensure you have prepared your Moodle course for Re:View

. Follow these instructions: Record your presentations on a PC

Lecture Capture FAQ

For frequently asked questions see the Support Hub section on Lecture Capture

Experience with Lecture Capture

The e-Learning team maintain a blog of experiences and reflections of classroom technologies, which include posts relating to lecture capture.