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Email Tools for Users of Exchange

The University uses Microsoft Outlook for email and calendar. If you are unable to use Outlook 2013 we recommend Outlook Web App (Outlook on the Web), guidance on this page is provided for both tools, if you choose to use an alternative method of accessing your email you will need to use the program's built in Help to assist you.

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I am out of the office - I need to let people know

View instructions on how to create automatic replies

I want to be able to access my emails outside of the University

Find out how to access your email through your web browser and mobile devices.

I have a Shared Mailbox and I need to make some changes

Find out how to administer your shared mailbox.

Sending to a mailing list

Find out how to email to a self-administered or centrally-managed mailing list.

I have received an email which I think is Junk/Spam

The University has junk/spam settings which are applied to our mail servers, these block most of this type of email, whilst for most users this will provide a suitable level of filtering, you can if you wish use the Outlook to filter and block email addresses that you consider as spam.  

Outlook client

Outlook Web App

Mail identified as possible junk email is automatically moved to the Junk Email folder, and any potentially dangerous content within the message, for example, links or executable code, is disabled.

In Outlook Web App, you can manage junk email reporting settings by selecting:

You can manage other junk email settings by:

Further Help

More detailed instructions on Outlook Junk Mail settings can be found by the Help Icon in Outlook (shown on screen as a ?) and searching for Junk email.

I'd like to forward my emails to another email account

Find out more about forwarding your emails using Outlook and OWA.

I'd like to increase the size of my mailbox

Currently it is not possible for users to increase the size of their mailbox on Exchange, if you would like to request a change to your mailbox size please submit a help request detailing the changes required.


View instructions on how to set up your email signature.

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