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HPC Symposium - Programme

Lecture Theatre 4 West 1.2, University of Bath
All day, Tuesday 4th June 2013


09:00 Registration
09:20 Welcome and introduction
Prof James Davenport, Dept of Computer Science
09:30 Session 1
Chair: Prof James Davenport, Dept of Computer Science
09:30 Mr Chris Fullerton, Dept of Physics - HPCSymp_ChrisFullerton.pdf
Exploring a dynamic transition in supercooled liquids using transition path sampling and point-to-set correlations
09:45 Mr Alfonso Ramallo González, Dept of Architecture and Civil Engineering - HPCSymp_Alfonsoramallo.zip
Using HPC to create an intelligent entity capable of recognising building energy performance by capturing basic thermal information
10:00 Keynote
Prof Mike Giles, Professor of Scientific Computing, University of Oxford
Future of HPC - trends, opportunities and challenges
11:00 Symposium delegation photograph in atrium
11:05 Tea Break
11:30 Session 2
Chair: Dr Robert Watson, Dept of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
11:30 Dr David Roper, Ansys Inc
What’s new in Ansys
11:45 Mr Christopher Hendon, Dept Chemistry - HPCSymp_CHH34.pdf
Solving real life chemical problems with HPC: Removal of cork taint from wine
12:00 Dr Keith Butler, Dept of Chemistry
Bridging the gap; communication between theory and experiment using high performance computing
12:15 Mr Chuan Li Yang, Dept of Electronic and Electrical Engineering - HPCSymp_ChuanLi.pptx
Parallel CGLS technique for solving large scale EIT inverse problem
12:30 Ms Li Chen, Dept of Architecture and Civil Engineering - HPCSymp_lifenChen.pptx
Modelling of marine renewable energy using OpenFOAM
12:45 Dr Eike Mueller, Dept of Mathematical Sciences - HPCSymp_EikeMueller.pdf
GPU implementation of elliptic solvers in numerical weather and climate prediction
13:00 Lunch in the atrium
14:00 Session 3
Chair: Prof Steve Parker, Dept of Chemistry
14:00 Ms Jessica Bristow, Dept of Chemistry - HPCBATH2013_Jess_Bristow.pptx
Optical engineering of metal oxides: 3d impurities in Al2O3 and ZnO
14:15 Mr Lee Burton, Dept of Chemistry
Computational analysis of Tin Sulfide for low-cost solar cells
14:30 Dr Chris Eames, Dept of Chemistry - HPCSymp_ChrisEames.pdf
Atomistic simulation studies of new materials for lithium ion batteries
14:45 Dr Liang Sun, Dept of Architecture and Civil Engineering - HPCSymp_LiangSun.ppt
OpenMP implementation for FORTRAN on HPC
15:00 Mr Ian Thompson, Dept of Physics - HPC_irt21.zip
Dynamic transitions for nearly-hard spheres
15:15 Prof Robert Scheichl, Dept of Mathematical Sciences - HPCsymp_scheichl.pdf
Teaching on Aquila – Introduction of parallel computing with MPI
15:30 Tea Break
16:00 Presentation of talk and poster prizes
16:05 HPC Discussion
Chair: Prof David Bird, Chair of the HPC Management Committee, Dean of Faculty of Science
17:00 Wine and Cheese reception in the atrium
17:30 Close of meeting