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It is always easier to manage access to applications using a group rather than individuals. You can apply actions to the group and if anyone joins, you can add them to the group rather than all the individual applications. Several of our tools support groups, and this page summarises where you can use groups and how.

As of April 2009, Computer Services has made available several types of central groups for users to use in our tools. Users can also create their own groups for projects using the Group Manager.

Centrally-maintained groups

The major advantage of using a central group is that the list is kept up-to-date based on central data so you do not need to maintain your own lists.

We list the following types of groups:

To see the full list of groups please see the Computer Services Technical Content wiki.

You can see which groups you are a member of by logging into the Group Manager. For more details see below.

Ad-hoc groups

The Group Manager tool is designed to simplify the management and creation of groups. It eliminates the need to create a new group with the same membership in each separate application; this saves time and ensures consistency.

Where can I find the Group Manager?


I have created a group, now what?

Once your group has been created it will be available to be used in the following applications:

How does having a central group help me?

If you base an email list on a central group you can add and remove membership through the Group Manager. Additionally if you create a wiki to collaborate with the members of this email list the group can be used to control access to the wiki pages.

Imagine a research group who decide that, in addition to their wiki and email list, they now need a website in the Content Management System. The same group can be used to control who can edit the group's web pages.

As Oracle Calendar can also see the group all members can easily be invited to a meeting.

Over time other applications will also support the use of central groups.

Who can add people to a group?

When you create a group you become the administrator. When other people have been added to the group, you can promote them to administrator if you wish.

The group has a short name and title, which one do I use in each application?

Assuming a group with the following details:

Group short name: viticulture
Group title: Viticulture and Oenology Research Group