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Using Matlab

This documentation outlines the most suitable options available for running Matlab.

On Campus

Matlab can be found on the following public access computers:

1. All levels of the Library

2. General teaching Area (GTA) Labs

We recommend that this is the primary way that Matlab should be accessed. Teaching should be done via these PCs and not via the remote access methods mentioned below.

We would also like to highlight that all students with a coursework submission can use these computers; the GTA labs have a range of opening hours and the Library is open 24/7.

Remote Access

Matlab in a Windows environment

Matlab is also located on UniDesk (University Desktop), primarily as a service for staff and students off-site to be able to connect and use Matlab. UniDesk Matlab is limited to a single thread, to help ensure an equality of service, and jobs are limited to active sessions by default. If you need to run longer jobs on Matlab see our UniDeskLR web page


Matlab in a Linux environment

Matlab can also be found on LCPU for use either on or off campus, but individual jobs are limited to 15 CPU hours by default. For those with an account on the HPC aquila, suitably compiled applications built with the Matlab compiler can be run there: see the wiki for more about Matlab on Linux.

On your computer

Staff and students can install Matlab on their personally owned and on their university computers. If you have your own computer and would like Matlab installed on it, contact your local IT supporter through the online help form.

Coursework submission

We would ask teaching staff setting deadlines for Matlab coursework to email the details to us through windows-info@bath.ac.uk so we are aware of when submissions are approaching. We will then be best placed to react if any problems arise.

More information

For more comprehensive information on using matlab see this matlab page.

Sign up to our Matlab mailing list

If you want to be contacted directly with information about Matlab, email matlab-tah-users@lists.bath.ac.uk with your name, email address, and department and you will be added to the Matlab mailing list.