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For a explanation about the terms used in this table click here to go to the bottom of this page

Application Details Licence Availability
Acrobat Standard PDF Creation Purchase AD
Acrobat Reader PDF viewer Free AD, UniDesk
AlternaTIFF TIFF image viewer plugin Free AD, UniDesk
Amos Structural equation modeling Site UniDesk, Home
ANSYS Finite element analysis Site AD, Andromeda, Unix
Aspen Engineering Suite Chemical process simulation Site UniDesk
Authentic DE Editing and validating XML documents Site AD
Authorware Player Plugin Free AD, UniDesk
Autograph Graphing software Site AD, UniDesk, Home
BlueJ Java IDE Free UniDesk
Business Intelligence Warehouse Business Objects Auditing Software Site AD
Business Objects Reporting software Site AD
Camtasia Codec Codec Free AD
CAPICOM ActiveX control to expose the Crypto API Free AD
CATS Cointegration analysis Site AD, UniDesk
CES EduPack Materials database Site AD, Home
CFX Fluid flow analysis Site UniDesk, Unix
Chime Plugin Free AD
Compatibility Pack for Office 2007 Converters for Office 2003 Free AD
Corel Draw Graphics Suite Site AD
CorelDraw Graphics Suite Graphics suite Site UniDesk
Cosmo VRML plugin Free AD
DjVU plugin Document viewer plugin Free AD
Dreamweaver MX HTML editor Purchase AD
DVIWIN DVI viewer Free AD, UniDesk
Easy CD & DVD Creator CD & DVD burner Purchase AD
eBeamPresenter RealPlayer Plugin Plugin Free AD
ebrary Reader ebrary document reader plugin Free AD, UniDesk
Eclipse Java IDE Free Terms
EndNote References manager Site AD, UniDesk
EViews Econometrics software Site AD, UniDesk
Exceed X-Windows Emulator Site AD
FileZilla FTP & SFTP client Free AD
Firefox Web browser Free UniDesk
Flash Plugin Free AD, UniDesk
Fortan Builder for Windows Fortran compiler Site Home
Fortran Library for Windows Fortran library Site Home
G*Power Statistical power analysis Free UniDesk
Ghostscript Postscript renderer Free UniDesk
GLUT OpenGL utilities Free UniDesk
GSview Postscript file viewer Free UniDesk
JAGS Bayesian graphical models using MCMC (R) Free UniDesk
Java RE Java runtime Free AD, UniDesk
Java SDK Java Development Kit Free AD, UniDesk
LabView Measurement, test and control systems Site AD
LiFT for Dreamweaver Accessibility extension for Dreamweaver Site AD
LL2DXF OS Land-Line NTF to DXF converter Free AD
Maple Mathematics and modeling Site UniDesk, Unix
MapPoint Mapping and location application Purchase AD
MARS Management Accounting and Reporting System Site AD
MathPlayer Plugin Free AD
MATLAB Mathematical modelling, data analysis Site AD, UniDesk
MetaSound Audio Codec Audio Codec for Windows Media Player Free AD
MindGenius Mind Mapping Software Site AD
MindGenius Education Enterprise Mind Mapping Software Site AD, Home
Minitab Statistics package Site UniDesk
MMR Multi-media accelerator for SunRays Free Terms
NVivo Document analyzer Site AD, Home
Office Office suite Site AD, UniDesk
Oracle Calendar Oracle Calendar Client Site AD
Oracle JDeveloper 10g Developer IDE for Java apps and Web services Site AD
Oracle JDeveloper 10g Developer IDE for Java apps and Web services Site AD
PhotoShop Desktop Digital Imaging software Purchase AD
Pow! Oberon compiler Free AD
PowerDVD Deluxe DVD Player Purchase AD
PrimoPDF PDF creator (printer) Free AD
Project Project software Site AD, UniDesk
ProTeXt TeX distribution for Windows Free UniDesk
PuTTY Telnet and SSH for Win32 Free AD
PyDev Python plugin for Eclipse Free UniDesk
Python 2.7 plus Wxpython Programming software Free UniDesk
Python 2.7 and Wxpthon Python for Windows Free UniDesk
QuickTime Movie player Free AD, UniDesk
R Statistical Computing Free UniDesk
RealPlayer Media player Free AD
Reference Manager References manager Site AD
SAMIS Student account management Site AD
Scorch Plugin to listen to Sibelius enabled music scores Free AD, UniDesk
Scratch Programming language for animation Free AD
Shockwave Plugin Free AD
SigmaPlot Technical graphing software Site AD
Silverlight Media player Free AD, UniDesk
SmartSVN Subversion client Free AD, UniDesk
Sophos Anti-Virus Anti-virus software Site AD, Mac, Unix, Home
SPSS Statistics package Site AD
SPSS Statistics package Site UniDesk, Home
SVG Viewer plugin for Agresso webclient Free AD
Thunderbird Email client Free AD, UniDesk
Trent HR management & payroll client Site AD
TurningPoint Audience response system client Free AD
Viewpoint Plugin to render Viewpoint 3D images Free AD, UniDesk
Visio Professional Diagram designer software Site AD, UniDesk
Visual Studio C#, C++, VB compilers Site UniDesk
WebPublisher Client Build DRM plugin for Acrobat Reader. Free AD, UniDesk
WinRATS Econometrics/time series analysis Site AD, UniDesk
XMLMind XML Editor Professional Validating XML editor Site AD
Xming Windows based 'X' Window Server Free AD, UniDesk

Licensing key

  1. Free - freely available no purchasing licence needed.
  2. Purchase - licence bought for each copy installed on a computer.
  3. Site - University purchased software. Some available to all, others for groups. Examples:-

Availability key

  1. AD - software installed on your Active Directory PC
  2. UniDesk – centrally installed on UniDesk (University Desktop) - no need for a local installation.
  3. LegacyTerms - legacy software on Terminal servers 
  4. Unix - software on our central Unix machines or for home use
  5. Mac - for Apple Macintosh OS X.
  6. Home - for home use, stand-alone computers and laptops. See our secure site to download
  7. Computer Science (only) computer rooms
    GTA6 - EB0.06
    GTA8 - EB0.08
    GTA10 - EB0.10
  8. Publically accessible computer rooms
    GTA2 – 1E3.9
    GTA3 – 3E3.1
    GTA4 - 2E1.14
    GTA5 - EB0.09
  9. Library
    LL 5
    LL 4
    LL 3
    LL 2