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UniDeskLR - University Desktop Long Running

If you need to carry out work using Matlab, Ansys and Visual Studio 2012 that cannot be interrupted you need to use UniDeskLR.   This is because UniDesk sessions are subject to timeout limits. The default timeouts are:

If you want to run long jobs on the University Desktop service you need to have the default timeout limits increased. 

Please note: UniDeskLR is only for Matlab, Ansys and Visual Studio 2012.

How to use

Once notified that your disconnected timeout session limit has been increased

The job will CONTINUE TO RUN until your new disconnected timeout limit has been reached. (Please see the exception in note 1* below) To check progress with your job simply log-in to UniDeskLR again BEFORE your disconnected session times out. Each time you log back in to a disconnected session the session timer will be reset to zero, allowing you to use your full disconnected session timeout limit once again.

DO NOT LOG OFF! If you log off from 'UniDeskLR' the job(s) will terminate!

Why not start the job and then leave the session open but minimised?

We do not recommend leaving UniDeskLR connected for extended periods if 'idle'. (The definition of idle would be with no keyboard or mouse activity.) Not only is this a potential security issue (an idle session is potentially open to outside interference), but a job could be terminated by the server when the user's idle session timeout is reached. The idle session timeout limit is given above.


*1. A monthly update and restart of the service will take place at 3am on the 4th Wednesday of every month, starting on Wednesday 28 June 2017.

2. We will meet session timeout requests wherever possible, but may have to impose certain timeout restrictions should this prove necessary for server maintenance and security.

3. Every effort will be made to protect disconnected sessions from disruption. However, in the case of emergency maintenance or a server failure, it may be necessary to kill disconnected sessions and their associated jobs.