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Password tips and advice

Your username and password are the keys to your University computer account, which should only be used by the person it was issued to.  It is important that:

Keeping your password secret

If you have accidentally told someone your password or think someone may have it - change your password immediately using the web based password changer

Keeping your password strong

Strong passwords are good passwords because they are difficult to guess.  The password changer insists on strong passwords to help protect you, it ensures they are long and sufficiently complex.  your password must be:

There are many strategies to pick a password, use a short sentence

What to do  Example
Start with a short sentence thats special to you  I want a strong password
Remove the spaces between the words  Iwantastrongpassword
Add odd capitals and mis-spell or use shorthand  IwntAstrONGpasswd
Add numbers that are meaningful but not your birthday  IwntAstrONGpasswd28

or you can start with a longer sentence or phrase

What to do Example
Start with a long sentence thats special to you  All I want for Christmas is a really strong password
Remove the spaces between the words  AIwfCiarsp
Add special characters or numbers  AIwfCiarsp25?