University of Bath

Bring your Year 10 students to a University Taster Day

Our free Taster Days will give your students an idea of what universities have to offer, both academically and socially.

Some Year 10 students in a laboratory at a science Taster Day
Year 10 students at a science Taster Day

Explore different subjects

These Taster Days are aimed at schools and colleges who are able to bring a group of Year 10 students who mostly meet our criteria.

Your students can find out about some of the subjects they could study, including ones they don't study at school.

Brief sessions on a variety of subjects are on offer. This allows students to find out about more than one subject.

Depending on demand, we are able to cover a combination of degree courses from across the four faculties:

We will send you more instructions for the day and confirm the subjects your students will learn about before you arrive for your day.

Discover careers and university life

Year 10 Taster Days cover more general information about university. Your students will:

  • meet academics and take part in lectures and workshops in a subject of interest to them
  • talk to current University students about actual student life
  • find out how school and university subjects can lead to a range of careers
  • use the University's facilities
  • learn about student finance options
  • tour our campus

They will also attend a session about careers to support your school or college's provision for Career Education and Information, Advice and Guidance.

Find out how to apply to bring a group of students

Watch this video to find out more about all our activities

Upcoming dates

  • Wednesday 2 November 2016
  • Wednesday 30 November 2016
  • Wednesday 7 December 2016 (Languages focused)
  • Wednesday 8 February 2017 (Languages focused)
  • Wednesday 1 March 2017
  • Wednesday 5 April 2017

These dates are subject to change.

Group sizes

We can only take 90 students per Taster Day.

You can bring up to 30 students from your school and at least one teacher per 15 students.

Transport and lunch arrangements

Your school must arrange and pay for transport to and from the University. Your students will need to bring a packed lunch.

What happens on the day

Your students usually arrive at 9.45am and leave between 2.30pm- 3pm depending upon the Taster day. The lunch break is from 12.15pm to 1pm.

In the morning, they will attend an introduction, tour the campus and go to their first academic session.

In the afternoon, they will attend a second academic session and learn more about university life.

The order of sessions is subject to change.