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Student on work placement for London Underground
Our students gain valuable experience through work placements in a range of industries

At a glance

  • Gain real world employment experience and enhance your CV
  • Learn more about what you’d like to do on finishing university
  • Our dedicated placements teams will work with you throughout your studies at Bath
  • Apply for a role from a range of placements to suit your personality and skills
  • Earn as you learn - some of our placements are paid, or you could get a grant
  • As a Bath placement student you’ll be fully supported throughout your experience

Gain real-world employment experience

A degree from Bath will give you an excellent understanding of your subject, but employment will show you how your knowledge can be used in the workplace. A placement gives you the opportunity to graduate with both knowledge and experience, and puts you in a strong position for starting your career.

Placements at Bath take many forms and there are options to suit you whatever your situation or study preferences. A professional work placement will give you experience of a career in the private or public sector, or an international placement will give you an opportunity to use your skills overseas and learn more about working in another country.

Depending on your degree scheme, placements can also vary in length. You may be able to do a six or twelve month role in a single organisation, or take shorter opportunities in different organisations.

Learn about what you would like to do on finishing University

Choosing to do a placement as part of your degree can help you make better informed choices about your future career. A placement gives you the chance to deal with practical challenges in a professional environment that demand a different way of thinking. You get the opportunity to create valuable contacts for your future career and to develop your ability to solve problems, manage your time and prioritise tasks to meet deadlines. These are all transferable skills that employers value that will enhance your CV and help to prepare you for a competitive work environment.

Many of our teaching staff also comment on the improvement they see in academic attainment from students returning from a placement year. Skills learnt, such as time management or organisation, contribute to improved academic study and many placement students find they achieve higher grades on their return to university.

As a Bath graduate with employment experience achieved through a placement you will be among a group that is highly valued and sought after by all employers.

Our dedicated placements teams

If you choose to do a placement at Bath you will have the opportunity to be in touch with your Faculty Placement Team from your first year of study. You will get the chance to work on your CV and interview skills, identify your personal objectives and find suitable placements, and undertake practice interviews. Whilst securing a role is your responsibility, we support you every step of the way.

In addition to working closely with you to develop your employment skills, our dedicated faculty-based placements teams have worked with our placement partners for many years, developing excellent relationships and a deep understanding of the skills and personalities that will best fit each role. They have helped to hone our placements to provide students with unique and valuable experiences, with returning students feeding into changes for future years ensuring placements are continually updated.

A wide variety of placement opportunities

Our placements teams work with many of the world’s biggest companies and organisations, and have developed a number of exclusivity agreements, with big-name organisations such as HSBC and CERN offering a number of places to Bath students only.

However, we also understand that for many of our students a placement with a multinational might not be what they’re looking for, and that a startup or an SME may be better suited to help develop the skills needed for a desired future career.

For this reason, we’ll work with you to give you information, advice and guidance to ensure you find the right placement, complete the recruitment process and secure a role that will give you the development opportunities you need.

Earn as you learn

Bath students are valuable to employers, so some of our placements are paid. Depending on your degree and the placement you apply for, you could earn similar to a graduate salary while you are on a placement year.

  • If you are an international student, you can do a paid placement if you hold a Tier 4 student visa, so you won’t miss out on the experience.

Alternatively, you might undertake a voluntary placement, for example, one that benefits others or for a charity. We work with a number of placement providers who offer unpaid and voluntary placements, such as hospitals, charitable organisations or academic institutions.

  • If you do one of these types of placements you could get a grant to help you with your costs.

  • Our Alumni Fund gives some grants to undergraduates and postgraduates and the BP Centurion Fund gives grants to STEM students who are studying in the Faculty of Engineering, or in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences or Computer Science.

Support during and after your placement

We support you throughout the time you are on placement so you don’t feel out of touch with university life. With so many of our students including placements as part of their degree, you will find you’re among a majority. Therefore, unlike in many institutions, when you return to campus you’ll be back with peers you studied alongside previously and who have also been out on placements.

Students with disabilities can access additional support during their placement. Our placements teams will work with you to ensure employers understand any adjustments that might be required, and you can apply for grants to help you do a placement.

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