University of Bath

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences inaugural lecture series 2016-17

Come and hear four senior academic staff from across the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences in this year's inaugural lecture series.

Attendees watching Stephen Gough present his inaugural lecture.
Professor Stephen Gough presenting his inaugural lecture.

Rise of the phoenix: the science of exercise rehabilitation

Thursday 2 February

Time: 6:15-7:15pm

Location: The Chancellors’ Building Lecture Theatre 2.6

Professor James Bilzon explains his new research examining adaptation to exercise rehabilitation.

For tickets contact Dawn Cox.

Big impacts in rugby union: tackling safety with science

Wednesday 22 March

With support from top UK rugby bodies, Professor Keith Stokes tackles rugby safety head on with science.

For tickets contact Rachael McHugh

The science of human values: why they explain nothing and everything

Thursday 27 April

Time: 6:15-7:15pm

Location: 10 West 2.47

Bath's new Head of Psychology, Professor Greg Maio, shares his passion for values and subsequent behaviour.

For tickets contact Caroline Ransford.

China and the rise of the East: the role of globalised higher education

Thursday 11 May

With many from the East studying at Bath, Professor Catherine Montgomery looks at the future of global higher education.

For tickets contact Rebecca Wise