University of Bath

Get personalised writing support

Get one-to-one advice on a specific piece of writing you are working on.

Skills Zone writing booth
Develop your academic writing

One-to-one tutorials

You will get advice from a writing tutor who will have read through your written work and identified how you can develop your academic writing skills.

You will get personalised feedback and advice to help you.

You will also be able to ask the tutor any particular questions you may have about your writing.

Tutorials are 50 minutes long and are available at different times, so you can fit your tutorial session to your timetable.

You can book a tutorial on campus

You can book a tutorial in the Virgil Building

Distance learners or a student on placement can sign up for a tutorial via Skype. Please state in the last box of the online form (Additional requirements) that you need a Skype tutorial.

Drop-in writing sessions

You can talk to a writing tutor about any aspect of your academic writing.

Drop-in sessions are 20 minutes long and you do not need to book a place.

You can come with a piece of your written work and see a writing tutor Monday to Friday between 11.15am to 2.05pm in the Skills Zone