University of Bath

Groups and Workshops run by Counselling and Mental Health

We run groups and workshops on topics like exam stress and anxiety, mindfulness and how to relax through yoga.

If you’re a student and want to learn about managing your stress, mental health or personal problems, come to our groups or workshops.

Our options range from one-off sessions to semester-long series. A member of the Counselling & Mental Health team runs each workshop.

What you might do in a session

  • Explore an issue to understand how it affects you
  • Think about ways to better manage problems in your life
  • Learn new coping strategies
  • Pair work and group discussion
  • Get input and hand-out materials from the facilitator

Coming to a session

We want our events to be accessible to everyone, so please tell us if you have any access needs.

When you book on a group or workshop, make sure it is right for you and you can attend all the sessions required. This way you will get the most from taking part.

Yoga for Relaxation

Learn how to ease stress and calm your racing mind. This free course will teach you relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. Courses are run over the summer for postgraduates.

We also offer one-off hour long workshops in the exam periods.

Introduction to Mindfulness

An opportunity to sample a variety of mindfulness skills and meditation practices . The course will be running over the summer for postgraduate students and during Semesters One and Two for all students.

Exam Success workshop

This workshop is currently in development.

Respecting others and keeping things private

All our groups and workshops are confidential. We want to keep the thoughts and feelings you share in these sessions private. Outside these sessions, please do not talk about anything which others have shared.