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Peer mentoring

Find out what a Peer Mentor is and how they can help you settle into university life.

Supporting undergraduate students

Our Peer Mentors are here to help new undergraduate students settle into university life. They are all current students who have been through the arrival experience and their first year, so they're well placed to help you with any concerns you may have.

They will get in touch with you before you get to the University so you can ask them about coming, what you should bring with you and what it's like when you are here. They've been specially trained in peer mentoring and will give you informal advice, help you find your way around campus and let you know about any other support services you might need.

Your Peer Mentor will be studying the same course as you or something similar. This means that, throughout your first year, they can offer you support and advice about your department or the University's policies and practices.

Find out how Peer Mentoring works

Supporting postgraduate students

Research students

If you're a first year postgraduate research student you should check with your Graduate School or Director of Studies to see whether there is a mentoring scheme. If you want a peer mentor they will tell you how to get one.

Taught students

There are no peer mentoring schemes for postgraduate taught students, but you can meet other postgraduate students through the Postgraduate Association, who organise regular events.

You can also check with your department about other opportunities to meet students.