What originally influenced your decision to study engineering?

Having taken STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects throughout secondary school, I had always seen myself progressing into a science-based degree. Following an inspiring work experience placement at Jaguar Land Rover HQ, I decided to pursue a career in engineering.

What challenges have you faced in your studies and how did you overcome them?

Being an active member of the University of Bath Lacrosse club as well as sitting on the 2014-15 Sports Executive committee, my most prevalent challenge is time management as my studies must always be prioritised. I try to maintain a positive attitude when tackling any issue and that delegation and flexibility are key when working in a team.

What aspect of engineering do you particularly enjoy?

Hands-on experiments and problem-solving are my favourite facets of engineering as I thrive off the chance to learn something new, as well as being able to use my own creativity, initiative and innovation.

What advice would you give to young women interested in studying engineering?

Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way as you never know what may come of it. Get ahead and get out there, whether it is doing work experience or meeting other engineers, every engineering experience is beneficial!