A placement that's started my career

Overall, my experience of studying at Bath has been incredible.

A strong benefit of the computer science degrees is the incredible range of fields we explore - in a practical way, not just reading about them.

This set us up well when looking for jobs, as we’d already covered all the fundamentals. It also helped our final year projects, because we were able to show that we could apply a range of skills to a problem, and come up with a successful solution.

Looking ahead and talking about future jobs with university friends was common, helped by the various courses we studied. As well as offering great opportunities to learn about the working environment, and a taster of the type of jobs available, doing a placement also makes you far more employable.

My own placement, at JP Morgan in London, was one of the best aspects of my degree. I loved being in the fast-paced environment of the financial world in London’s Canary Wharf. Working alongside the traders, I was given responsibility for leading the development of a particular tool that's now used in multiple lines of business. To see that piece of work become a valuable part of the company’s activity was really rewarding.

More importantly, I’ll be returning to JP Morgan on their graduate development programme, which illustrates just how valuable my placement was to my future.