I was keen on the idea of doing a placement right from the start and Bath has a dedicated team just for the Faculty of Engineering & Design. We have great quality lab equipment at Bath and it's good to have already worked with the sort of kit that you'll find in the workplace. I first met Renishaw at the October careers fair. When I applied for my placement, it was simple because my CV had already been through many drafts with the careers department.

At Renishaw, I have been working on a variety of projects, designing, building and testing circuits from scratch. I have also worked on embedded software and learnt new programming languages. My non-technical skills have also improved; I have written reports, given informal presentations, and helped to teach others.

The best thing about a placement is being able to take a break from university. It has let me sit back and really understand what I have been taught. It has also helped me work out what I really enjoy doing so I am confident my choices for future modules at university are the right ones.

Looking ahead

I think my placement will help me get a job because work is so different to university, and it’s good to have experience of the two worlds. Not only that, but I have plenty to talk about in interviews. I do not yet know what I will do when I graduate, but I would happily return to Renishaw if I decide not to study further.