A winning combination

I chose the University of Bath's Computer Science course with a placement year because it offered just the right combination of units for me. I was keen to avoid too much coding or studying hardware and although both of these are important, it's only alongside many other aspects.

The course is varied and practical, giving a good mix of learning approaches through tutorials and interactive lectures. I pick up new languages easily and now have a broad understanding of how programming works across a suite of them. I built on this during my placement year at PayPal, where I improved my technical abilities and learnt lots of new business skills.

Studying at the University of Bath has been a very positive experience for me. I made a lot of good friends, and there was great course content as well as good access to lecturers.

I’d advise anyone considering computer science to look carefully at the department, and the content offered across each year, before choosing their course. The breadth of the course and the detail covered in the individual units offered by Bath was excellent, and has prepared me effectively for my return to PayPal as a graduate.