Improved job prospects

The main reason for deciding to do a placement was to have some relevant workplace experience to improve my employability after graduating. I also wanted a better understanding of what I actually want to do.

My placement at Mentor Graphics, a Siemens company, saw me working as a Java programmer creating and maintaining the infrastructure supporting the integration of the company’s software. I was involved specifically with creating automated tests of the user interface, greatly improving my programming skills.

Based within a friendly team in an office of over 40 people, I learnt a huge amount about team work and how to communicate within the working environment.

My manager at Mentor Graphics, Jacob Tredinnick, supported me throughout my placement. The benefit of taking interns for the company is around investing for the future.

Jacob Tredinnick, DevOps Manager, Integrated Electrical Systems Division, commented:

We hire interns as a way of developing a future pool of good candidates for graduate positions. The placement year gives us an ideal opportunity to evaluate their potential and develop their skills in the direction we require, as well as giving the students the chance to decide whether they would be a good fit for us. Overall this allows us to recruit graduate positions with more confidence and without a lengthy interview process.

Staying in programming

My placement has reinforced my wish to pursue a career in programming. I’m particularly keen on aerospace or a role involving machine learning, possibly research.

These aren’t exactly the areas covered in my placement but similar, making the skills I’ve gained important for both my final year and future career.