A fresh perspective

My placement in the technology division of Goldman Sachs gave me a new perspective on learning and helped me realise what I really wanted to do. It also helped me escape from studying for a year and use my skills in a different way, applying them to a business setting. I loved working in a front-end office role alongside traders, doing real work, helping fulfil their needs.

The support given by the University when finding a placement is invaluable. Mock interviews, CV writing and establishing the ‘best version’ of yourself to put out to companies are all valuable components of the help they offer.

The team also continues to look after you when you’re out on placement, visiting at least once. They check all is well, that you’re okay, and that the company's offering you worthwhile work to do. The university works hard to build relationships with only those companies offering to give you the quality of experience you need.

My strongest recommendation is to put a focus on finding a good placement early. A placement gives you all the experience and motivation needed for the final year and, like mine, may provide a job after graduation.