I decided to do a placement because I wanted the opportunity to become more independent and proactive for the final years of my degree.

Innovating in a team of scientists

On placement I worked in the decorative paints business segment at AkzoNobel. This business segment is part of Research and Development.

My work involved developing quality innovation products for the UK and Ireland paint markets. I would formulate and make the paint, then test it. If the formulation did not meet the specification or test methods were failing, I would need to go back and reformulate.

I worked in a team of scientists and we worked in a collaborative style. My colleagues were very helpful and happy to share their knowledge and learnings.

Gaining confidence in an office environment

Not only did I learn subject and course-related knowledge, I also learned how to work in an office environment. I became confident in the use of Microsoft Outlook to invite colleagues to meetings and book meeting rooms.

Before my year at AkzoNobel I would not have felt confident in doing these things. Going into a work environment now, I would have no trouble.