Innovation, agile decision-making and inspirational leadership are becoming the hallmarks of senior staff at a pioneering NHS Trust after they took part in a leadership development programme here at Bath.

Yeovil Hospital selected more than 30 influential clinicians and managers for 10 days of executive education spread over a year. Intensive two-day modules delivered by our leading management thinkers helped participants develop their capabilities in areas such as:

  • leadership excellence
  • evidence-based decision-making
  • landing transformational change
  • managing multi-party service delivery
  • innovation and creativity

There was particular focus on helping senior staff break free of bureaucratic constraints and try out bold new ideas.

The programme has helped the Trust become an NHS ‘vanguard’ site – one of only 50 progressive hospitals that are creating a blueprint for changes to the NHS and the wider health and care system. In particular, the Trust is leading work to develop a joined-up approach integrating primary, secondary and social care.

What our client said

“Our people are benefiting enormously from the programme. Everyone who’s taken part has told me it’s the best leadership training they’ve ever done.

“I’ve even had some of our senior consultants contact me to ask what’s next. These are incredibly busy people who’ve set aside two days every other month for this programme – and now they’re eager for more. It’s unheard of!

“The facilitators are superb – great depth of knowledge and huge energy and enthusiasm.

“It’s obvious our success really matters to Bath. They’ve invested so much time in understanding our challenges and goals. The programme we’ve developed together matches our needs precisely.”

- Mark Appleby, Director of HR and Organisational Development, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust