Standing out from the crowd

I chose my placement because it gave me a chance to see if I would enjoy the world of start-ups; it offered a different experience from other placements. It also taught me a more practical approach to programming and software engineering.

At university we learn best practice with my placement showing me how to apply that practice within the limitations of the working environment, such as time and budget.

Start-up experience

I was particularly keen to gain a placement with a start-up company, and it’s given me a specific perspective of the software industry. A personal trip to Silicon Valley helped me appreciate just how much work is involved when companies first start out. Love or hate them, giants such as Microsoft and Google all started somewhere.

Whether I work in a big company or a small start-up, the size doesn’t matter. Each offers a different experience from which to make informed decisions.

I genuinely can’t see any reason not to do a placement. I gained experience and real-world knowledge, enjoyed earning as I learnt and took all the opportunities offered. Every aspect was beneficial.

Apply early and don’t be disheartened by rejections. Hang on in there and you will secure a placement you enjoy.