I learnt how business works

My placement year, at a local internet services company called Netcraft, was a part of the course I thoroughly enjoyed.

I learnt how business works and how software really relates to making money. It's not something you encounter much during the course otherwise. We'd developed business plans but hadn’t seen how they're implemented or sold to real customers, and it was really good to see how my work went on to do something useful.

Working there was a time of improving and practising my skills. On returning to University, my placement experience definitely helped me complete my final year project. I’d never have been able to do it before my placement.

It also enhanced my employability; being able to prove I could do the job. As a result, I’m returning to Netcraft when I finish my degree. This took the stress of finding a job out of an already busy final year. I was able to focus on work - and having fun!

Almost everyone in my year did a placement, which meant we all returned to Bath together for our final year. It was a benefit I hadn’t anticipated.