I chose International Management and Modern Languages (IMML) with French because the course offers something different.

Bath is one of the only universities that offers a 50/50 mix of business and a language. This lets you build your skills in many areas of management and develop a near-native level in your chosen language. Other universities do business degrees with language options, but these are limited so you won’t achieve the same fluency or confidence.

Bath is also among the best for placements, as the School of Management has links with top international companies. For me, a year-long internship in France was a rewarding and vital experience.

‘I made friendships inside and outside of work and didn’t want to leave’

I had a fantastic time at JLL Real Estate Advisory in Lyon. It was my first taste of working in a large business and I loved it.

I discovered a fascinating profession I will definitely consider pursuing in the future and fell in love with Lyon. I was the only IMML student in the city, so I felt immersed in the language and culture. I made friendships inside and outside of work and didn’t want to leave. When I returned home it was harder to speak English than French for the first few weeks.

I feel prepared for the modern business world

I enjoyed the variety of the course. The choice of modules meant I could go from calculating bond prices in corporate finance to discussing the rise of populism in the French political landscape in the same morning.

Also, I loved the research-based modules in my final year where I got the opportunity to look in depth at topics that interested me. For example, I studied the effect of a merger between airlines on competition in the market for flights from Frankfurt to New York.

I only fully realised how well IMML prepared me for the business world when I started my placement. I feel well-placed to work in a small or international company in an English or French-speaking country now.

The course has given me a cultural awareness that is vital for today’s world of work. I’m also at a level in French that I had always hoped for: complete fluency close to that of a native speaker.