Why I chose Bath

I have always wanted to study in England. I love the country, and Bath is a beautiful city. I believe that the quality of scientific research produced here is very high.

Contact during the application process with my supervisor Dr Jim Caunt cemented my interest in studying at Bath. He and Dr Paul Whitley assisted me in applying for my Commonwealth Scholarship, even applying for a fee waiver on my behalf.

My research

My research background is molecular and cell biology, with particular interest in cancer biology. Before coming to Bath, I completed an Honours research project as well as a Master’s research project. The Honours project was based on innate cancer resistance mechanisms in mammals. The master’s project studied epigenetically regulated anti-oxidant genes in ageing.

My PhD project is about how colorectal cancer cells adapt to the presence of personalised drugs, which are designed to block the cell signalling pathways that have typically become mutated and rewired in cancer.

Personalised drugs are usually initially pretty effective. However, most patients undergo a subsequent relapse as cancers learn how to grow even in the presence of the drug.

My experience so far

My experience as a Biology and Biochemistry student so far has been very positive. The labs are well equipped for my research, and I enjoy the collaborative working atmosphere.

Dr Jim Caunt, adds 'Cassidy’s really impressed me with how quickly she’s adapted to life in Bath and in the lab. She’s already generated some valuable insights using robotic microscopy techniques'.

Life beyond the lab

I’ve found it useful to be part of the Postgraduate Biology and Biochemistry Student Society. It's good for socialising and learning more about other research going on at the University.

One of my favourite things about studying at Bath is being around great academics. I enjoyed Carole Mundell's recent talk on Big Bangs and Black Holes.

I am glad that I came to study in Bath. The standard of research is high, and there are plenty of opportunities for making connections with other scientists.

Before coming to Bath, I felt that my postgraduate study was a means to an end – something I did for my future career. Studying at Bath, I feel inspired and genuinely enjoy my studies.