Exploring the options

When I started university I wasn’t sure where my computer science degree would lead, or which opportunities I’d wish to pursue. Gaining exposure to the real world application of computer science theory to help me think about the future was definitely an attraction of doing a placement. The potential of a job offer before graduating was also a big draw!

As a technology analyst with Goldman Sachs, I worked on a number of projects at any one time. The responsibility I was given from day one made me feel a valued member of the team and was the best part of my placement.


Not only did I increase my technical skills, being exposed to many different programming languages, but I also developed stronger soft skills, such as public speaking and wider communication. Improving my problem-solving abilities and experiencing the overall work environment also strengthened my self-confidence significantly.

I strongly recommend doing a placement and to plan ahead. I started my applications as soon as I could, securing my placement within two months, well ahead of my class mates. This gave me more time to focus on my studies and meant I wasn’t trying to juggle job applications and coursework.

As a result of my placement, I’ve decided to continue working in the finance industry. I’ve already accepted a job offer, achieving my goal of securing future employment prior to graduating.