I’ll be returning to Deloitte as a graduate!

The computer science degree allows you to take your studies in a number of directions. After studying a broad range of compulsory subjects at the beginning of the course, the final year is far more self-selected. I was particularly interested in human-computer interaction, so chose areas to reflect this topic. I also took advantage of being able to study management and business alongside computer science, working within the School of Management.

My placement year at Deloitte in London helped me to use what I’d learnt, explore my interests and find my passions. I was given responsibilities way beyond my expectations and loved rising to the challenge. I was definitely thrown in at the deep end when I found myself managing a key part of a project worth millions of pounds and involving 200 employees!

My first two years at Bath had prepared me well. The technical language I needed to use and understand in the workplace was familiar, and our team projects made it easy for me to integrate into groups within the workforce. As a result, I’ll be returning to Deloitte as a graduate, working in technology consulting.

Bath is a great place to be a student, and just walking around the city makes you happy. My advice is to make the most of all the opportunities – it’s silly not to, when there’s so much on offer!