Put everything into it!

My advice to anyone planning to study computer science at Bath is to be dedicated and work hard. It pays off.

The computer science course is broad at the start, with plenty of lectures, tutorials and labs during the first two years. Everything we learnt reflected what you could do in the future, with the lecturers emphasising how the work could be used.

In contrast, the final year allows you to focus on what you really enjoy, and knuckle down to do your dissertation.

The workload at university is a big step up from school, but everyone's in the same position and there’s plenty of assistance available. Special skills sessions exist to help when you need them, such as when you're writing up your dissertation. The lecturers are also available to offer support; I found them all approachable and friendly. There’s so much help, and you’re never alone.

Bath's a beautiful city with everything you want. It’s a lovely place to live and there's so much on offer at the University of Bath. Put everything into it, and you'll have the best time ever.