Applying physics to real life technologies

My favourite thing about my placement was working with exciting new technologies. It was great seeing the science from my course used in real world applications.

In the first half of my placement I was working with the Advanced Technology Centre, an in-house research and development hub. I worked on developing fibre optic communications for different platforms as well as working with new chrome-free corrosion protection systems.

For the second half, I was working with the Type 26 Global Combat Ship, a next generation warship that will become the new workhorse for the Royal Navy. My work there focused on system requirements and contract acceptance, a more business based role. I helped manage technical requirements and acceptance processes—how BAE Systems is planning to deliver the ships to the Ministry of Defence.

Kick-starting a graduate career

Doing a placement year is great for helping you to realise what you want from your future career. It gives you the opportunity to develop and learn from a network of knowledgeable professionals.

Having a year of work experience is invaluable when applying for graduate jobs. The placement scheme is an excellent opportunity and it is refreshing to get into the working world, experience new places and meet new people.

After my placement, BAE Systems made me an offer to join their graduate programme. Doing a placement year has given me a great start in my career.