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The chair on Migration, Integration and Labour Markets with a specific focus on labour market position of women and effectiveness of (labour market) integration programmes targeting recent migrants

Principal Investigators: Karel Neels and Peter Raeymaeckers

Project Team: Karel Neels, Peter Raeymaeckers, Sunčica Vujić, Jonas Wood

Project Partners: University of Antwerp (Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Applied Economics)

Funder: Flemish Government (VIONA - Flemish Inter-university Research Network for Labour Market Reporting)

Duration: December 2016 - June 2019 

Project rationale and aims

Departmental themes

About the project

The chair on Migration, Integration and Labour Markets is a collaborative research project with the Flemish government on the labour market position of individuals with a migration background in Flanders, with specific focus on the labour market position of migrant women and the effectiveness of (labour market) integration trajectories targeting recent migrants. The project is innovative in that it aims to integrate register data on i) integration trajectories, ii) education and activation trajectories and iii) work permits with longitudinal microdata drawn from the Crossroads Bank for Social Security to reconstruct and analyse labour market trajectories of resident and new migrants using advanced hazard and econometric models. Throughout the project interviews and focus groups are set up with both participants and counsellors to bring additional insight to the longitudinal analysis of trajectories based on register data.

Research Aims

The project aims to answer the following research questions:
1.    What is the profile of individuals who enter the various training and activation programmes, taking into account the potential selection issues?
2.    Which combinations and sequences of training and activation programmes the targeted group of individuals go through?
3.    What is the effectiveness of different training and activation programmes in the transition to work, taking into account selective entry and exit?

Proposed outputs

    •    Policy papers
    •    Academic articles, targeting demography, populations and economics journals
    •    Workshops with policymakers
    •    Press releases 

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Name: Dr Suncica Vujic
Title: Visiting Senior Lecturer
Department: Dept of Economics
E-mail: sv289@bath.ac.uk