Postgraduate taught programme & unit catalogues for 2001/02

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Institute for International Policy Analysis (IFIPA)

PFTHASS003: MSc: European Social Policy Analysis
PFTHASS004: MSc: Social Research
PFTHASS005: PG Dip: International Development
: MSc: International Development
PFTHASS008: MSc: International Policy Analysis
PFTHASS010: PG Cert: International Development
PFTSOCP001: PG Dip: Business & Community
PFTSOCP002: MSc: Business & Community
PFTUNIV001: MSc: Environmental Science, Policy & Planning
PFTUNIV002: PG Dip: Environmental Science, Policy & Planning
PPTHASS001: PG Dip: International Development (part time)
: MSc: International Development (part time)
PPTHASS003: MSc: Social Research (part time)
PPTHASS004: PG Cert: International Development (part time)
PPTSOCP001: PG Dip: Business & Community (part time)
PPTSOCP002: MSc: Business & Community (part time)

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