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Postgraduate Programme Structures for 2005/06

Department of Chemistry

TSCH-AFM01: MRes Chemistry

Mode of attendance: Full time

Year 1, Semester 1

Mandatory units
CH50101 The recent chemical literature 6 Credits
CH50102 Advanced group work in practical chemistry 6 Credits
Optional Units: Select between 0 and 12 Credits from the following list:
BB40081 Biochemical ethics 6 Credits
BB40082 Neurochemistry 6 Credits
BB40083 Enzymes in biotechnology & medicine 6 Credits
BB40088 Bioinformatics 6 Credits
BB40102 Molecular mechanisms of disease 6 Credits
BB40124 Human development disorders 6 Credits
BB40128 The evolution of genetic systems 6 Credits
BB40129 Environmental signalling in plants 6 Credits
CH40127 Topics in inorganic chemistry 6 Credits
CH40128 Topics in organic chemistry 6 Credits
CH40129 Topics in physical chemistry 6 Credits
CH40131 Advanced structural and theoretical methods 6 Credits

Year 1, Semester 2

Mandatory units
CH50100 Postgraduate training module 6 Credits
CH50103 Advanced research projects 48 Credits
Optional Units: Select between 0 and 4 Unit(s) from the following list:
BB30131 Macroevolution & palaeobiology 6 Credits
BB40084 Cellular biochemistry 6 Credits
BB40085 Medical biochemistry 6 Credits
BB40086 Molecular immunology 6 Credits
BB40109 Structural biology in biotechnology & medicine 6 Credits
BB40117 Microbial evolution - from the laboratory to nature 6 Credits
BB40118 Current topics in gene regulation and cell differentiation 6 Credits
BB40133 Plant responses to abiotic stress 6 Credits
BB40134 Molecular evolution and phylogenetics 6 Credits
BB40138 Plant-microorganism interactions 6 Credits
BB40139 Microbial communication & development 6 Credits
BB40140 Plant biotechnology & the environment 6 Credits
BB40141 Molecular biology of animal adaptation 6 Credits
CH40033 Electrochemistry and surfaces 3 Credits
CH40036 Biopolymers 3 Credits
CH40037 Synthesis of medicinal compounds 3 Credits
CH40038 Neutron scattering for chemists 3 Credits
CH40039 Computational chemistry 3 Credits
CH40042 Inorganic cages & clusters 3 Credits
CH40064 Supramolecular chemistry 3 Credits
CH40066 Inorganic reaction mechanisms & homogeneous catalysis 3 Credits
CH40068 Physical organic chemistry 3 Credits
CH40072 Main group ring systems 3 Credits
CH40086 Inorganic chemistry in biological systems 3 Credits


University | Catalogues for 2005/06 | PG index for 2005/06