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Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering
Unit Index 2011/12

Below is a list of units offered by the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering in 2011/12. Follow the links to view individual unit descriptions. Units are sorted by level and then by period slot. To find a specific unit code or title please use your browser's find on page function.

Certificate (FHEQ level 4) level units (e.g. units coded AR1*)
Intermediate (FHEQ level 5) level units (e.g. units coded AR2*)
Honours (FHEQ level 6) level units (e.g. units coded AR3*)
Masters UG & PG (FHEQ level 7) level units (e.g. units coded AR4* or AR5*)

Level: Certificate (FHEQ level 4)

Semester 1

AR10003 Building environment 1 6 Credits
AR10014 Detailed design 1 6 Credits
AR10015 Design studio 1.1 9 Credits
AR10033 Geology 3 Credits
AR10244 Design studio 1.1 6 Credits
AR10313 Structures 1A 6 Credits
AR10342 History and theory of architecture 1.1 twentieth century western architecture & design 3 Credits
AR10369 Structures 1A 6 Credits
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Semester 2

AR10016 Design studio 1.2 18 Credits
AR10040 History & theory 1.2: Towards sustainable architecture 6 Credits
AR10362 Practice, management and law 1 3 Credits
AR10366 Computer applications 6 Credits
AR10367 Mathematics 1 6 Credits
AR10368 Surveying 6 Credits
AR10370 Structures 1B 6 Credits
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Level: Intermediate (FHEQ level 5)

Academic Year

AR20384 Industrial placement 60 Credits
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Semester 1

AR20012 Detailed design 2 3 Credits
AR20017 Design studio 2.1 15 Credits
AR20076 Soil mechanics 6 Credits
AR20081 Structures 2A 3 Credits
AR20297 Environmental design 3 Credits
AR20343 Computer aided design 2 3 Credits
AR20364 History and theory of architecture 2: representing architecture 3 Credits
AR20385 Civil engineering hydraulics 1 6 Credits
AR20386 Mathematics 2 6 Credits
AR20387 Structural design and construction 1 6 Credits
AR20389 Structures 2 6 Credits
AR20390 Surveying and geology field course 3 Credits
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Semester 2

AR20004 Building environment 2 6 Credits
AR20009 Computer aided design 1 3 Credits
AR20064 Professional placement 1 30 Credits
AR20065 Professional placement 2 30 Credits
AR20238 Transportation infrastructure engineering 3 Credits
AR20241 Foundation design 6 Credits
AR20318 Civil engineering management 1 6 Credits
AR20388 Structural design and construction 2 6 Credits
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Level: Honours (FHEQ level 6)

Academic Year

AR30315 Dissertation 12 Credits
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Semester 1

AR30019 Design studio 3.1 18 Credits
AR30021 Design studio 4.1 18 Credits
AR30034 Geotechnical engineering 6 Credits
AR30039 History & theory 4: Issues in contemporary architecture 6 Credits
AR30053 Practice, management and law 4 6 Credits
AR30075 Erasmus exchange semester 1 30 Credits
AR30093 History and Theory 3.2: Urban studies 6 Credits
AR30341 History & theory of architecture 3.1: Classicism and the foundation of modern design theory 6 Credits
AR30344 Civil engineering hydraulics 2 6 Credits
AR30400 Structures 3 6 Credits
AR30401 Year 3 joint design project 6 Credits
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Semester 2

AR30022 Design studio 4.2 30 Credits
AR30026 Facade engineering construction 3 Credits
AR30243 Erasmus exchange semester 2 30 Credits
AR30402 Bridge engineering 6 Credits
AR30403 Building environment 3 6 Credits
AR30404 Civil engineering management 2 6 Credits
AR30405 Coastal and offshore engineering 6 Credits
AR30406 Structural design and construction 3 6 Credits
AR30412 Materials science 2 6 Credits
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Level: Masters UG & PG (FHEQ level 7)

Academic Year

AR40223 MEng dissertation for Civil and Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering 15 Credits
AR50247 Research dissertation 30 Credits
AR50326 Practice and project management 6 Credits
AR50327 Professional practice 24 Credits
AR50345 Acoustics 6 Credits
AR50346 Building design for low carbon use 6 Credits
AR50347 Daylight and shading 6 Credits
AR50348 Health, comfort and productivity in buildings 6 Credits
AR50349 Natural ventilation in buildings 6 Credits
AR50350 Renewable energy sources & low carbon techniques 6 Credits
AR50351 Thermal performance of facades 6 Credits
AR50352 Artificial lighting 6 Credits
AR50353 Building energy management systems and IT 6 Credits
AR50354 Building energy modelling 6 Credits
AR50355 Environmental impact studies 6 Credits
AR50357 Sustainable construction materials 6 Credits
AR50358 Dissertation 30 Credits
AR50372 Introduction to façade engineering 6 Credits
AR50373 Façade materials and components 6 Credits
AR50374 Façade construction 6 Credits
AR50375 Structural integrity 6 Credits
AR50376 Weathertightness 6 Credits
AR50377 Glass and glazing 6 Credits
AR50378 Façade procurement 6 Credits
AR50379 Thermal analysis of façades 6 Credits
AR50380 Acoustics and fire 6 Credits
AR50381 Structural analysis of façades 6 Credits
AR50382 Contract management 6 Credits
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Dissertation period

AR50151 Dissertation 30 Credits
AR50336 Dissertation 30 Credits
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AR50121 Management in construction 6 Credits
AR50122 Economics in construction 6 Credits
AR50123 Construction law 6 Credits
AR50124 Managing human resources 6 Credits
AR50126 Strategy in construction 6 Credits
AR50234 Dissertation (Construction Management) 30 Credits
AR50235 Residentials (Bath) 6 Credits
AR50236 Residentials (Hong Kong) 6 Credits
AR50237 Residentials (Canada) 6 Credits
AR50261 Introductory workshop 0 Credits
AR50262 Summer school 1 0 Credits
AR50263 Summer school 2 0 Credits
AR50264 Dissertation workshop 0 Credits
AR50296 Environmental management in construction 6 Credits
AR50314 Consolidating theory and practice 6 Credits
AR50360 Procuring construction 6 Credits
AR50361 Facility management 6 Credits
AR50383 Construction project management 6 Credits
AR50393 Introduction and residential 1 0 Credits
AR50394 Residentials (Zambia) 6 Credits
AR50395 Introduction workshop and residential 1 0 Credits
AR50396 Residential 2 and dissertation workshop 0 Credits
AR50397 Communication and information management 6 Credits
AR50410 Social responsibility: business and society 6 Credits
AR50411 Sustainable business practices 6 Credits
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Semester 1

AR40097 Placement MArch 24 Credits
AR40106 Research paper 12 Credits
AR40107 Design studio 6.1 18 Credits
AR40249 Timber and masonry engineering 3 Credits
AR40251 Structures 5 6 Credits
AR40298 Urban studies option 24 Credits
AR40301 Conservation engineering 3 Credits
AR40302 Architectural structures 3 Credits
AR40307 Project CAG 12 Credits
AR40316 Continuum mechanics 6 Credits
AR40325 Project CG 12 Credits
AR40340 Professional studies: management, practice and law 6 Credits
AR40392 Natural building materials 6 Credits
AR50146 Structural conservation 12 Credits
AR50148 History and theory 12 Credits
AR50225 Case studies I 3 Credits
AR50227 Case studies III 3 Credits
AR50328 History and theory 12 Credits
AR50329 Survey and assessment 12 Credits
AR50330 Case studies 1 history and theory 3 Credits
AR50331 Case studies 2 survey and assessment 3 Credits
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Semester 2

AR40095 Wind & earthquake engineering 3 Credits
AR40105 History and theory of architecture and urban design 6 Credits
AR40108 Design studio 6.2 30 Credits
AR40283 Lightweight structures 3 Credits
AR40300 Design studio 5 18 Credits
AR40308 Advanced composites in construction 3 Credits
AR40310 Facade engineering design 3 Credits
AR40316 Continuum mechanics 6 Credits
AR40319 Civil engineering management 3 3 Credits
AR40321 Coastal and offshore engineering 3 Credits
AR40324 Advanced geotechnical engineering 3 Credits
AR40363 Environment and sustainability 6 Credits
AR40391 Computational fluid dynamics 3 Credits
AR50147 Materials construction and skills 12 Credits
AR50149 The legislative framework 12 Credits
AR50226 Case studies II 3 Credits
AR50228 Case studies IV 3 Credits
AR50332 Conservation and management 12 Credits
AR50333 The legislative framework 12 Credits
AR50334 Case studies 3 conservation and management 3 Credits
AR50335 Case studies 4 the legislative framework 3 Credits
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