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Department of Social & Policy Sciences
Unit Index 2015/16

Below is a list of units offered by the Department of Social & Policy Sciences in 2015/16. Follow the links on the unit codes to view individual unit descriptions. Units are sorted by level and then by period slot. To find a specific unit code or title please use your browser's find on page function.

Level: Certificate (FHEQ level 4)

Academic Year

SP10145 Community needs assessment, groups and teamwork in practice 12 Credits

Semester 1

SP10002 Social problems & social policy 6 Credits
SP10019 Introduction to social work 6 Credits
SP10043 The foundations of sociology 6 Credits
SP10059 Academic and research skills I: introduction to qualitative methods 6 Credits
SP10178 Social work and life course 1 6 Credits
SP10204 Introduction to international development 6 Credits
SP10206 Thinking and working cross-culturally: Introduction to social analysis of development 6 Credits

Semester 2

SP10001 Social policy, welfare and the state 6 Credits
SP10044 Putting social theory to work 6 Credits
SP10159 Academic and research skills II: introduction to quantitative methods 6 Credits
SP10179 Social work and life course 2 6 Credits
SP10203 Development economics: microeconomic perspective 6 Credits
SP10205 Introduction to politics of development 6 Credits
SP10282 Readiness for direct social work practice (RDP) 6 Credits
SP10287 Social policy and YOU 6 Credits

Level: Intermediate (FHEQ level 5)

Academic Year

SP20067 Placement 60 Credits

Semester 1

SP20004 Family matters: the sociology of the family & family policy 6 Credits
SP20006 Poverty, social justice, and the state 6 Credits
SP20021 Critical reflection on professional practice 1 12 Credits
SP20050 Sociology of criminal justice policy 6 Credits
SP20062 Qualitative social research methods 6 Credits
SP20112 Theoretical issues 1: structure and agency and other dualisms in social theory 6 Credits
SP20131 Discrimination & empowerment: skills in practice 12 Credits
SP20207 Researching social change 6 Credits
SP20244 Political sociology 6 Credits
SP20255 Social work practice placement year 2 6 Credits
SP20261 Social concepts of humans, monsters and machines 6 Credits
SP20277 Development economics: macroeconomic perspective 6 Credits

Semester 2

SP20003 'Race' & racism 6 Credits
SP20005 Making and communicating policy: theories and practices 6 Credits
SP20025 Theories & methods in social work 6 Credits
SP20048 Organisational sociology and managing people 6 Credits
SP20069 Philosophy of the social sciences 6 Credits
SP20097 The sociology of health and healthcare today 6 Credits
SP20099 Understanding childhood: sociological perspectives & policy issues 6 Credits
SP20160 Quantitative data analysis 6 Credits
SP20177 The sociology of the body 6 Credits
SP20208 International politics of development 6 Credits
SP20209 Development policy and practice 6 Credits
SP20246 Social work with children and families 1 12 Credits
SP20258 Mental health social work 1 6 Credits
SP20262 The manufacture of consent: propaganda, public relations and power 6 Credits
SP20283 Social work with adults 1 6 Credits
SP20285 Society, welfare and policies in Europe 6 Credits

Level: Honours (FHEQ level 6)

Academic Year

SP30280 Applied social studies dissertation 18 Credits
SP30281 Social policy dissertation 18 Credits
SP30284 Sociology dissertation 18 Credits

Semester 1

SP30013 Social protection and welfare reform 6 Credits
SP30029 Legislation for social work practice 2 6 Credits
SP30054 Power & commitment in organisations 6 Credits
SP30072 Corporate power & the social challenge 6 Credits
SP30118 Theoretical issues II: subjectivities & identities 6 Credits
SP30133 Social work with adults 6 Credits
SP30161 Sociology of death 6 Credits
SP30210 Conflict, security and international development 6 Credits
SP30248 Social work with children and families 2 6 Credits
SP30257 Working in a social care organisation 6 Credits
SP30259 Mental health social work 2 6 Credits
SP30288 Lobbying, policy communications and democracy 6 Credits
SP30289 Drug and alcohol use and 'misuse': historical perspectives, key debates and policy responses 6 Credits

Semester 2

SP30028 Critical reflection on professional practice 2 18 Credits
SP30035 Social work practice case study 6 Credits
SP30129 Sexual violence: explanations, responses & debates 6 Credits
SP30211 Contemporary issues in South Asian development 6 Credits
SP30212 Contemporary issues in African development 6 Credits
SP30256 Social work practice placement year 3 6 Credits
SP30263 Ideas about 'terrorism' 6 Credits
SP30264 Understanding religion in the contemporary world 6 Credits
SP30276 Gender, sexuality, science, and technology 6 Credits
SP30278 Development finance 6 Credits
SP30286 Policy evaluation 6 Credits

Level: Masters UG & PG (FHEQ level 7)

Dissertation period

SP50222 International development: Masters dissertation 30 Credits
SP50234 Dissertation in wellbeing in public policy and international development 30 Credits
SP50252 Dissertation in international public policy analysis 30 Credits

Semester 1

SP50123 Business, society and states: corporate power and accountability 6 Credits
SP50136 Theoretical issues in sociology 6 Credits
SP50158 Research for social work: values, methods and contexts 6 Credits
SP50216 Economics for international development 6 Credits
SP50217 Sociology & social anthropology of development 6 Credits
SP50218 Policy & politics of developing countries 6 Credits
SP50230 Wellbeing: concepts, measures & policy 6 Credits
SP50249 Advanced policy analysis 6 Credits
SP50250 The politics of policy in international perspective: actors, arenas and conflict 6 Credits
SP50254 Foundations of international development 6 Credits
SP50279 Comparative public policy and social welfare: cross-national, European and global perspectives 6 Credits
SP50293 Critical skills for international development and policy 6 Credits

Semester 2

SP40215 Critical issues in social development 6 Credits
SP50122 Comparative research methods 6 Credits
SP50144 Research for policy: concepts, methods and values 6 Credits
SP50162 Governance, public policy and society 6 Credits
SP50220 Management of development (MID) 6 Credits
SP50221 International development extended essay (MID) 6 Credits
SP50225 Political economy of globalisation 6 Credits
SP50226 World politics: conflict, security & development 6 Credits
SP50227 Natural resources and sustainability 6 Credits
SP50231 Ethics and public policy 6 Credits
SP50232 Wellbeing in public policy and international development: extended essay 6 Credits
SP50235 Contemporary issues in South Asian development 6 Credits
SP50236 Contemporary issues in African development 6 Credits
SP50242 Wellbeing assessment in public policy and development practice 6 Credits
SP50243 Wellbeing assessment research project 12 Credits
SP50251 Policy evaluation: methods and techniques 6 Credits
SP50253 Policy analysis apprenticeship project with area specialism 12 Credits
SP50294 Policy research skills and disseration preparation 6 Credits

Level: Doctoral (FHEQ level 8)


SP60290 Transformational policy and practice 18 Credits
SP60291 Policy research methodology 18 Credits