Centre for Death & Society

Dr Rachid Hourizi

University Researcher

1 West 3.64
Email: r.hourizi@bath.ac.uk


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Department of Computer Science

Rachid's work is within the theme, 'Human-computer interaction'


Rachid is interested in the areas of human-computer interaction, situation awareness and trust. More specifically, interested in the design of systems in collaborative settings, which support situation awareness (SA) and, subsequently trust. Whilst the theoretical underpinning of this work has application in many domains from medicine to mountain rescue, much of his own empirical work has been in the domains of aviation and, more recently, autonomous systems. This has led to research funding from both public bodies like the EPSRC and DTI, and from industrial companies such as BAe Systems, Airbus and Qinetiq.

Rachid is currently working with Centre Director Prof. Tony Walter and Visiting Prof. Malcolm Johnson, alongside Prof. Peter Johnson from the Department of Computer Science, exploring how to extend end of life care with social media, in collaboration with St. Christopher’s Hospice.


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