Centre for Death & Society

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We work both within and across a wide range of disciplines as part of our research. These include;

  • sociology
  • psychology
  • social work
  • social policy
  • international development
  • human-computer interaction
  • anthropology
  • history
  • archaeology
  • religion.

Publications from our members and associates in the Centre for Death & Society can be found through the University of Bath's online publication store, OPUS.

Through OPUS you can find details of books, book chapters, journal papers, keynote conference papers and other publications. Some entries provide a full text version for you to download, others a link to a free source, others are by subscription or purchase only.


Recent publications


Walter, T., 2014. Organisations and death : a view from death studies. Culture and Organization, 20 (1), pp. 68-76.

Bauld, L., Templeton, L., Silver, K., McKell, J., Novak, C. and Hay, G., 2013. Pathways back to work for problem alcohol users. Policy Studies, 34 (3), pp. 360-376.

Brown, L. and Walter, T., 2013. Forthcoming. Towards a social model of end of life care. British Journal of Social Work

Byrne, O. and Shepherd, D.A., 2013. Different strokes for different folks : Entrepreneurial narratives of emotion, cognition, and making sense of business failure. Entrepreneurship Theory And Practice,

Draper, A., Day, E., Garrood, E. and Smith, P., 2013. Patients and carers experience of living with a complex neurological and palliative diagnosis. Mortality, 18 (3), pp. 270-289.

Foster, L. and Woodthorpe, K., 2013. What cost the price of a good send off? The challenges for British state funeral policy. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 21 (1), pp. 77-89.

Johnson, M. and Percival, J., 2013. End-of-life care in nursing homes and care homes. Nursing Times, 108 (12), pp. 20-22.

Valentine, C., 2013. Forthcoming. Identity and postmortem relationships in the narratives of British and Japanese mourners : Identity and Postmortem Relationships. Sociological Review

Valentine, C., Woodthorpe, K. and Easthope, L., 2013. Opportunities and barriers to forming a professional identity: communities of practice within UK funeral directing. Mortality, 18 (4), pp. 358-375.

Valentine, C. and Woodthorpe, K., 2013. Forthcoming. From the cradle to the grave : funeral welfare from an international perspective. Social Policy & Administration

Woodthorpe, K. V. and Komaromy, C., 2013. A missing link? The role of mortuary staff in hospital based bereavement care services. Bereavement Care, 32 (3), pp. 124-130.

Woodthorpe, K., Rumble, H. and Valentine, C., 2013. Putting ‘the grave’ into social policy : state support for funerals in contemporary UK society. Journal of Social Policy, 42 (3), pp. 605-622.


Book sections 

Walter, T., 2013. Eighteen ways to view a dead body. In: Venbrux, E., Quartier, T., Vernhorst, C. and Mathijssen, B., eds. Changing European Death Ways. Zurich: Lit Verlag, pp. 71-83.
See Tony talk about this article.

Perwez, S., 2013. Forthcoming. Understanding Policies on Sex Selection in Tamil Nadu : Ethnographic and Sociological Reflections. In: Kaur, R., ed. Mapping the Adverse Consequences of Sex Selection and Gender Imbalance. New Delhi, India: Orient Blackswan.

Troyer, J. E., 2013. Defining personhood to death. In: Hagger, L. and Woods, S., eds. A good death? Law and ethics in practice. Ashgate.

Walter, T., 2013. Eighteen ways to view a dead body. In: Venbrux, E., Quartier, T., Vernhorst, C. and Mathijssen, B., eds. Changing European Death Ways. Zurich: Lit Verlag, pp. 71-83.

Moncur, W., Bikker, J., Kasket, E. and Troyer, J., 2012. From death to final disposition: Roles of technology in the post-mortem interval. In: CHI '12 Proceedings of the 2012 ACM annual conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, pp. 531-540.

Woodthorpe, K., 2012. Baby gardens: A privilege or predicament? In: Earle, S., Komaromy, C. and Layne, L., eds. Understanding Reproductive Loss: Perspectives on Life, Death and Fertility. Farnham: Ashgate.



Perwez, S., 2013. Understanding policies on sex-selection in Tamil Nadu : Ethnographic and sociological reflections. Working Paper. Bath: Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath. (Bath Papers in International Development; BPD26)

Woodthorpe, K., 2012. Affording a Funeral: Social Fund Funeral Payments. Other. Axa Sun Life Direct.

Komaromy, C. and Woodthorpe, K., 2011. Investigating mortuary services in hospital settings. Other. Unkown Publisher.

Woodthorpe, K., Cox, S., Tyrell, B. and , S. L. D., 2011. The Trouble with Dying: the Sun Life Direct Cost of Dying Survey 2011. Other. Bristol: Axa Sun Life Direct.


Further publications

Some members, associates and PhD students have a full list of their publications on their own personal page. Sometimes these include all publications (not just those directly related to death, dying or loss).

Information regarding specific research related publications are also on our current research and previous research project pages.

You can also browse key journals in the area of death, dying and bereavement, or see the archive of our e-newsletters.