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Conducting your research

If you are looking to undertake a research degree, then our Social & Policy Sciences MPhil and PhD is the programme you should enrol for.

Our PhD students that work with our Centre come from a variety of backgrounds, including academic and professional practice.

A thriving academic community

Want to know more?

See more specific information about studying with us :

If you would like to discuss a potential application with us, please contact John Troyer (Centre Director).

Our PhD students not only have access to excellent supervision but are also encouraged to participate in and contribute to our seminar series, conferences, and public lectures.

Our PhD students typically belong to the Department of Social & Policy Sciences, which has a thriving and large postgraduate community, but students can be situated within any department or faculty.

As a research student you will have either a main and second supervisor, or a main supervisor supported by a panel of two or three other academic staff.

If you are interested in researching with us, you can view some of our staff pages and also profiles of academic staff in the Department of Social & Policy Sciences to see who could be a potential member of your supervisory team.

Our links with other departments

We also have links with academics in other departments at the University, including:

Looking to study part-time?

It is possible to study a PhD at the University part-time and/or while living at a distance from Bath; however it is important to be part of our thriving community of research students, so we recommend you make time to come to the campus.

You will find it particularly beneficial if you can live in Bath for at least the first year.