Centre for Development Studies

Financial services, social networks and financial practices: investigating use and impact. Part 1

October 2012 - February 2013

Principle Investigator: Susan Johnson

Funding Body: Financial Sector Deepening Trust, Kenya

Total Value of Award: £33,000

Project Rationale and Aims:

This is the first part of a project which investigates the range of types of resource transfers (cash, mobile money, in-kind) and the social networks and relationships within which they operate in Kenya. This project aims to deepen insights gained in an earlier project into the Financial Landscape in Kenya which found that the rapid uptake of mobile money transfer services in Kenya was in part because it seamlessly facilitated resource transfers within social networks going beyond the basic rationale that it had been used for domestic remittances in an economy with significant urban migration. This part of the project uses qualitative interviews to examine respondent’s social networks and the resource transfers that they undertake. 

The objective of investigating these transfers is to better understand the way in which such transfers operate as informal financial mechanisms and hence how they relate to the demand for financial services and their implications for financial inclusion initiatives.

Project Outputs and Impact:

Project report will be published in Spring 2013.

The work is funded by FSD Kenya who are a key knowledge generator for the financial sector in Kenya. It is intended to offer insights which can influence the understanding of how financial services can be better designed for the low income market.

For more information about this project please contact:

Name: Dr Susan Johnson
Title: Senior Lecturer
Department: Dept of Social and Policy Sciences
Location: 3 East 3.32
E-mail: s.z.johnson@bath.ac.uk
Phone: work+44 (0) 1225 386292